We LOVE Calvin!

Read what people are saying about Calvin Splinter & His Splendid Splinter Ideas!


We LOVE Calvin Splinter & His Splendid Splinter Ideas!


What people are saying:

Love your book!!! It’s magical! —KC, Alaska

We received the books already! Delightful story and beautiful illustrations.
Thank you for personalizing them. —KH, Alaska

Wow, I just received your book. It is beautiful and wonderful!!!! —JGO, Texas

Grandparents LOVE to read Calvin Splinter to their grandchildren:

On Christmas morning, after reading Calvin Splinter to my grandson, Henry, who is almost three, he looked up with his headlamp bright on his forehead, blasting my face and said, “Grandma …have idea…” He paused to make sure I was listening and then said, “Pancakes!” And so it was pancakes for breakfast!” —KG, Washington

I am enjoying your Calvin Splinter book immensely! It is a marvelous tale! Giving two of them to a couple of my grandchildren.  —LKD, Alaska

Rebecca, your book arrived on today's mail. I read through it; and wish to compliment you on the wonderful story, the excellent artwork, and the marvelous layout and presentation! I can't wait to read it to our granddaughter Haley, and watch her little eyes sparkle. Thank you ever so much! —GW, California

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Parents, teachers, and children LOVE Calvin Splinter too:

The children and I REALLY enjoyed your reading of your AMAZING book!  What a special treat. —D H, First and Second grade teacher, WA

Rebecca - I am so impressed with you, Calvin Splinter is a great book! We are very honored to have a copy in our bookcase - and signed no less. Wishing you success with this and those to come. —LF, Lillehammer, Norway